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Getting rid of cellulite before summer

Different methods for different types of cellulite

There are many methods to get rid of cellulite. Their resultsĀ  depend upon the nature of cellulite. Indeed, it may be fat, when it is a simple expansion of fat cells. But it can also be combined with water retention when blood circulation is poor (cellulite is infiltrated). The last type of cellulite is called fibrous, and corresponds to a hardening of collagen. In all cases, cellulite is more ancient, it is more difficult to remove.

The rolling massage.

Since time immemorial, are used to eliminate cellulite massage. The best known is the touch-roll. It is to pinch the skin to loosen the fat cells and destroy them under the effect of massage. When the rolling massage is practiced using a device, it is called endermologie or lipomassage. The skin is drawn between two motorized rollers that massage the cellulite. Aspiration can reach deeper than manual massage. Some devices in addition to diffuse heat to assist in the destruction of fat cells (infrared). All these massages have a global effect, except for the fibrous cellulite.
The Lymphatic drainage For cellulite with water retention

In case of cellulite infiltrated, it specifically calls for lymphatic drainage massage which helps the body to better eliminate toxins. Indeed, with poor circulation, toxins accumulate in cells and can accelerate the appearance of cellulite. Performed in water, draining lymph gives even better results.

Creams, in addition to massage

There are now many anti-cellulite creams. Some even propose specific actions depending on the type of cellulite. Combined with a good massage, they help maintain the skin at a lower cost. With great regularity, one can hope to limit the appearance of cellulite. The massage should always be going up from the bottom to the upper body. Although the effectiveness of cellulite creams has been proven by 60 million consumers, their impact remains limited.

Liposuction, or Liposuction, Surgical treatment

In some cases, cellulite can be removed by surgery. The fat is then sucked through cannula inserted under the skin. This is a real surgery with postoperative particularly difficult (swelling, severe pain …). Liposuction is very effective, but cellulite can return in case of weight gain after surgery. It is therefore recommended especially for highly localized clusters of cellulite (ankles, knees, saddlebags …). Because in case of weight gain, cellulite may return, but in a more “spread.” Liposuction is performed on skins flexible, which may be retention after surgery.

The lipolysis For localized cellulite

Lipolysis involves injecting a product that will dissolve the subcutaneous fat. There are also variations, more or less controversial, using electric current, laser or ultrasound. The dissolved fat is then removed naturally by the bloodstream. Lipolysis is recommended for treatment of localized cellulite. Lighter than liposuction, this procedure also gives good results. It allows to handle certain types of fibrous cellulite.

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