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Makeup For Green Eyes

There is nothing easier than to pick up shadow for green eyes makeup, because green – the color that goes well with many colors. Some experience and skills – and your green eyes will be fine. Beauty green eyes easily stressed. But every rule has exceptions, so we recommend trying all possible shades and find the ones that are right for you.

Choosing a shade of shadows

It is best to set off the beauty of the green eye will help all shades of brown, especially chocolate. Also pay attention to dark-green shades with copper and gold shimmer.

Peach and pearl gray shade suitable as a basis for a more dark and saturated hues. Dark purple, lilac and metallic and suitable for the make-up green eyes. Golden shadows – ideal for evening makeup, which is not the shadow of blue tint. In general, owners of green eyes better to stay away from the shadows of the cold colors – pink, blue, silver.

Color eyeliner or pencil

Black eyeliner or a pencil – not the best choice, unless you adore so black that you can not do without it. An alternative would be gray or brown eyeliner / pencil. Make green eyes, especially the expressive pencil helps white or golden.

In general, try to use eye makeup with warm, not cold colors.

Technology makeup

Technology makeup depends largely on your chosen colors and your purpose. So, for day makeup recommend using the following techniques:

1. On the upper eyelid and the area under the eyebrow, apply tonal base with lightening or reflective effect.

2. Apply for ever the shadow of a peach or gray tint and blend thoroughly.

3. Starting from the center of the upper eyelid and along the lash line, apply the shadow of a darker hue (chocolate, dark green, copper). Blend thoroughly.
4. Spend the circuit and put on mascara.

Makeup For Green Eyes

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