How to get a burgundy eye Shadow look for any event?

How to get a burgundy eye Shadow to look for any event?

Hey gorgeous ladies! I know you all always look beautiful. Females are a wonderful creation of God with mesmerizing beauty and charm. But what if you are not happy with your look? How will you feel if someone says that your eye is small or your skin is a bit darker in shade? Or, will you try to make yourself more gorgeous whenever you go for any special event? I guess all of my female readers reading burgundy eye shadow will surely agree with me. Who will not want to be one or two-degree prettier than her usual look? Who will not want to conceal her flaws whatever it is?

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As per my mind says all of us would surely like to hide our physical flaws and while doing so getting a makeup touch can surely help you out. To give you a flawless makeup eye shadow comprises an essential part.

But do you know one thing that the purpose of eye shadow is not only to give or add vibrant color to your skin rather highlight your eye and also to showcase or flaunt the shape of your eye.

How to use an eye shadow?

Ladies in this article I can help you with some basic aspects of using or applying an eye shadow. First of all, you need to choose or select three shades of color to get a classy look. The first and foremost thing that you will do while applying eye shadow is first to apply a lighter shade near your eyebrow bone area.

How to use an eye shadow?
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The reason behind this is you the lighter shade will highlight or give a lighter look to your eye. After that near your eyelid area apply the medium shade of color. And lastly, go for the darker version. After applying the darker version you can mix the color shades well and can receive a gorgeous or alluring eye makeup.

But only eye shadow will not help you do not forget to use eyeliner along with mascara. When applying eye shadow, you can utilize a bit of face powder connected to the eyelid zone with a powder puff or brush before applying the eye shading.

This is on the grounds that the powder will make a decent base for the eye shadow, engrossing any overabundance oil and making a smooth surface that will enable you to mix the eye shadow hues effectively.

Some Basic Point of Perfect Eye Look

Getting a smoky eye look is something that many girls including celebs can prefer. If you are the one who loves a smoky eye look and also wants to use a burgundy eye shadow then here I can help you out.

Follow the steps below can get your perfect smoky eye look accompanied with a burgundy eye shadow.

Some Basic Point of Perfect Eye Look
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Point 1– With a firm brush of eyeliner, touch a dim pewter shadow along with your top lash line and cover; at that point, utilize a gentler, rounder brush to pull the shading along the wrinkle.

Point 2– With that equivalent delicate brush, top the pewter territory with a burgundy color eye shadow, again hauling the shading up over the wrinkle and just past the external corners of the eye.

Point 3– Edge the base lash line with an eyeliner brush and pewter shadow; limit cruel lines with a cotton swab. Layout the shadow with the swab and after that cleans up the smudges.

Point 4– In the last stage, you need to mingle the whole shadow with a soft brush.

So, girls now I think you can give yourself a smoky eye look without going to a parlor

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