How to start a conversation with guy in some simple ways?

How to start a conversation with a guy in some simple ways?

Are you a person who has good self-confidence level? Are you someone who does not fear of initiating a conversation with someone new? For these questions, you might say yes I am that kind of person. But here let me ask you one question have you ever initiated a communication with a guy? Do you know how what steps or tips can help to ease out the matter? If you say no or if you are not very much confident then I can definitely help you out.

Starting a conversation with a guy for whom you have got feelings in your heart is not an easy task especially for a girl. And if you are a girl who is not outspoken in nature then I am an afraid dear reader that you might land up in a condition where you can find your crush hanging out with someone else. I am sorry to say that but no one wants this. Not my readers even as a writer I will also not want that. So, to avoid such a scenario I can surely help you out.

I can help you out to avoid such a situation. Below are some quick steps that can help you to get the answer to the question of how to start a conversation with a guy.

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Steps of starting a conversation with a guy

how to start a conversation with a guy
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Here are certain fascinating ways that can help you out to begin a conversation with your special someone. Check out the below tips.

i) Be confident-

Don't be silent for a long time
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  • Confidence is something that boosts your inner strength as well as personality. If you are confident while approaching someone make it sure that you have won half of the battle. Let me explain you in detail. Suppose you approach someone and while letting him know about your feelings if you fumble then definitely you will not be able to catch his attention. So, ladies try to be confident in your approach.

ii) A  smile

  • Do you know one thing that a sweet smile on your face can win thousands of hearts? Yes, it is absolutely right. Whenever you want to initiate a communication with your crush or an unknown guy try to give him a sweet smile. A simple smile can do a lot of activity on your behalf. Try to initiate with a smile if the person standing in front of you is willing to take up a conversation with you then he will definitely smile back at you. So, carry a brief smile on your face.

iii) Try to talk on a topic of interest-

  • Whenever talking to a guy trying to find a topic that can interest both of you. Try to converse with a guy on a topic that never seems boring. Choose your communication topic wisely.

iv) Don’t be silent for a long time-

  • A sudden deadly silence between your conversation can surely kill the entire charm.


I think after going through these tips you won’t feel uncomfortable to start a conversation with a guy. Starting a conversation with the person you like or who is your crush is not easy especially for a girl. It takes time and guts to do that.

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