Top 5 Tips on how to sleep with long hair

Tips on how to sleeping with long hair For Men & Women

Hello Girls! Do you love to flaunt your long hair? Will you agree with me that having long hair makes you look prettier than a short one? Do you think that long hair is a priceless jewel that every woman loves to have? I think the pretty ladies reading How to sleep with long hair articles would love definitely agree with me. Almost every girl or woman loves to carry along as well as healthy hair. But most of them face a lot of problems with their long hair.

Tips on how to sleep with long hair

Common problems among these are breakage of hair, hair damage, split ends, etc. But do you know that another major problem is also there that most of the girls feel that is how to sleep with long hair? Don’t you think that sleeping with long hair is a hassle? If you are facing the same problem then do not worry because I have got some essential solutions for you. Explore the article to get some useful tips.

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Tips to protect your hair while sleeping.

how to sleep with long hair
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Sleeping is a must do the task for every human being. Our body heals and repairs itself while we are sleeping including our hair. But what if you panic about hair breakage and cannot sleep? If wake up in the morning and find some strands of hair on your pillow I know you will feel gloomy. Scroll your mouse and go through these quick tips to protect your hair while sleeping.

Quick Tips For How to Sleep with Long Hair

  • i) The first thing that comes in the list is to tie your hair before you go to bed. Elastic hair bands may put a lot of stress on your hair if you use it to tie your hair for a longer span of time. If you make a tightly tied ponytail or bun then make sure to give your hair tough times. It causes permanent damage to the shaft of the hair. So while sleeping you can make a loose braid or a loose ponytail to avoid breakage.


  • ii) Do not forget to change your pillowcase. Try to shift to a silk or satin pillowcase if you are using a cotton one. A cotton pillowcase absorbs a lot of moisture and leads to tangling your hair, friction as well as breakage. In this case, a silk or satin one can help you out.


  • iii) Try to avoid elastic bands. I agree these bands help you a lot in styling up your hair. But do you know or I guess you have also felt that while using an elastic band overnight and while you wake up you can find strands of hair on the band as elastic bands create a lot of pressure on the root of the hair causing breakage.
tangled or snarl hair
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  • iv) Do not sleep with a tangled or snarl hair as it might affect your hair forcing it to fall. So before going to bed make sure to make your hair tangle free, comb your hair from root to the tip of it.
cover it using a silk scarf
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  • v) Another easy way to protect your hair is to cover it using a silk scarf. A silk scarf proves highly beneficial as it protects the hair from friction with your pillowcase throughout the night and maintains a smooth texture of hair.


Sleeping with long hair as well as to maintain it is like winning a battle. So, use the above-mentioned simple tips and protect your jewel from breakage.

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Top 5 Tips on how to sleep with long hair
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